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Special Order event is currently closed, you can still submit your order but no time frame is currently scheduled for upcoming event. (Apr 2022)


Welcome to the special order page!


You can now select from our entire collection of over 950 pieces of artwork. 

Please click on the Dropbox Link below to view our collection.  Submit the file name you wish to order on the form below.  We will contact you as soon as possible.  



Small 10"x 10"- $44.99 each 

--- 10% for 4 pieces or more.---

Medium 20" x 20" - $174.99CAD 

Large 30"x 30" / 30" x 40" - $399CAD

Special Folder (Sets sizes varies from collection)

2 piece sets - $349.99CAD

--- 15% off plus 2 free small ---


Plus all applicable taxes and shipping.

*Free Shipping for all North American orders

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Special Order Form

Thanks for submitting!

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